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Search Engine Optimization in Calgary, SEO Services & Marketing Edmonton

Each day, more and more consumers are starting their search for products or services on the internet. This change has many businesses looking into search engine marketing firms in Edmonton or SEO companies in Calgary to monetize this shift in consumer behaviour. SEO services in Calgary are being sought after by many different industries and sectors of business, and this is strategy has one aim. That aim is gain a top ranking position on the major search engines for search terms that are related to that company’s offering. The results seen are a direct correlation to the seo techniques and strategies implemented by the SEO company. It is important to understand the process the marketing company will use, whether you hire an seo company in Calgary or a search marketing firm in Edmonton. This is important because some practices that can be used are deemed unnatural and not inline with the search guidelines this can actually result in the website being penalized from that particular search engine. When a company is looking to gain exposure, being penalized is the last thing they want. Finding a credible Calgary or Edmonton SEO company is crucial, and this should be recognized by the search marketers taking the initiative to understand the competitive landscape of the industry and what the goal of the campaign is.

Why is SEO important?

  • 92% of all experiences begin with search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • 92% of all local searches will eventually convert into a sale or purchase
  • 78% of Canadians refuse to click on Pay Per Click or PPC ads
  • 75% of search engine users never scroll past page 1 of the search results.
  • Online search is the #1 force driving traffic to websites and beats social media by over 300%
  • 40% of all searches are for local businesses and local services
  • 54% of Canadians will search the internet instead of using a local phone book to find local services

SEO Ranking Fundamentals

It is extremely important for our SEO Consultants to stay current and up to date with the most effective and trusted seo techniques that follow the best practices and guidelines deemed by the search engine. The user experience is a large focus, and search engines want to supply the most relevant, trusted and popular results while filtering out the results for low quality websites and spam. POPULARITY and RELEVANCE are the two biggest criterias examined when Google is determining the ranking positions.

Conversions is typically the focus for marketers and webmasters, and this is why the relevance of a website sometimes suffers. Although conversion is the main goal for any website, the content must be aimed at the users as well as the search engines. Search engines rely on complex and advanced algorithms to determine what a website is relevant for. This process is done by reading the text on a website, that data is then filtered and stored categorically by relevance. Your website may seem relevant when looking at it from the perspective of a customer, but how relevant is it when comparing it to your online competitors? What is the level of content on these competing sites?

Now that we understand the importance of being RELEVANT, let’s look at how it’s equally important to be POPULAR. A website’s popularity can be gauged by the number of external pages citing or linking that that website. External links can come in many different forms such as local directories, articles, blog postings, press releases, and even social media websites.

Building the popularity of a website has to be done with care and planning, and must be done following the strict search engine guidelines that ensure that the search engine optimization practices being used are deemed fair, organic, and “white-hat” by the search engines. Google is known for constantly updating and changing its complex algorithm to ensure that unfair or spammy tactics aren’t being used to improve SEO positioning. We ensure our SEO consultants monitor and stay up to date with these algorithm changes.

Webryze, Edmonton and Calgary's Most Trusted SEO Firm

Webryze is an Edmonton and Calgary based SEO agency and our history of success can be directly related to our proactive approach. Being a leader in the SEO industry, we have the opportunity to work with some of Canada’s top companies and brands. It’s very easy for any SEO firm in Calgary or Edmonton to claim they’ll boost website traffic through search engine optimization, and you can’t leave these results to happen by chance. Being a leading SEO company in Edmonton and Calgary, we thrive on delivering results and we our one of the few SEO companies in Edmonton and Calgary that actually offer a written guarantee with our work. We have a team of experienced and trusted search engine optimization experts, that conduct a complete web visibility analysis in order to fully understand our clients needs. We know that each client has different needs, and we address these differences by building a custom proposal and solution specific to them.

Our SEO Pricing & Packages

Many SEO companies offer pre-set packages that aren’t client specific and don’t address the unique needs a client may have. There are many different factors that influence an SEO campaign such as online competitiveness, industry challenges, and of course varying budgets. A personal injury lawyer in Edmonton would have different challenges and needs than a junk removal service in Calgary. Our detailed and in-depth web visibility analysis allows us to determine what will be necessary in order to have a successful SEO campaign, as well as discuss the timeline and of course the monthly investment options.

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